Cannot find class in Content Browser from C++

I’m trying to use FClassFinder in my GameMode class to set a reference to my default pawn. When I hover over the C++ class in the content browser, it says that the path = /Script

When I use TEXT("/Script/BoxMp"), where BoxMp is the name of my C++ class, I get a warning when I start the editor that it cannot find “Script/BoxMp”. Is there a special way to reference assets in the content browser from C++? Maybe a prefix or suffix that I’m missing? Thanks.


That’s exactly what I was looking for. If you submit it as the answer, I will accept it. Thanks.

If I understand you correctly, where you simply want to use a C++ as the base class for your pawn, instead of an .uasset, you would do something like:

    #include "BoxMp.h"

        DefaultPawnClass = ABoxMp::StaticClass();   

Only when you want to load a .uasset would you use FClassFinder / FObjectFinder.