Cannot extend Media Sound Wave class

I can’t extend the MediaSoundWave class, creating a new C++ class from the Editor gives me this error:

CompilerResultsLog:Error: Error D:\GitHub\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\MediaAssets\Public\MediaSoundWave.h(5)  : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'MediaSampleQueue.h': No such file or directory

Also trying with Sound Wave gives me same error

Sorry, that’s a bug. The “Media” module should have been a “PublicDependencyModuleNames” in MediaAssets.Build.cs. I will fix this on our end - it will be in 4.11, or in the Master branch soon.

In the meantime, please add “Media” as a “PrivateIncludePathModuleNames” in your own module’s Build.cs file.

Thank you!

Now I’m getting this:

Error D:/Program Files/Epic Games/4.9/Engine/Source/Runtime/MediaAssets/Public/MediaSoundWave.h(26)  : BlueprintReadWrite should not be used on private members

Hmm… strange, I’m not getting this here. Maybe it’s a bug in UHT that it only catches this when trying to inherit from a UClass. The quick fix on your end would be to make those two members “protected:”

I’ll see if I can improve that API.

Nevermind, this one was an error on my side. Thank you for your assistance