Cannot enable exceptions on PS4


I am developing a plugin that needs exceptions to be enabled.
I have managed to make them work on PC (Windows) with the following in my plugin’s Build.cs:

            UEBuildConfiguration.bForceEnableExceptions = true;
            bUseRTTI = true;

However, it seems these options have no effect on PS4, as I get “cannot use throw with exceptions disabled” errors when building for this platform.

So, is there something I need to do differently in order to enable exceptions on PS4?

Thanks in advance.

I found out that PS4ToolChain.cs in the UnrealBuildTool doesn’t take the option into account. I can fix that in my own engine source project, but I guess this should be fixed upstream as well, unless it was intentional (in which case the build tool should display a clear error message IMO).

PS4 development is under NDA and can’t be disccused publicly so you won’t get any anwserhere, i think there dedicated hidden forum for that