Cannot disable screen space reflections.

Cannot disable screen space reflections. I have a post process volume that i set the intensity and quality to 0 for screen space reflections… it does nothing… the screen space reflections remain. Also the intensity value doesnt make them any more visible or less visible… it just simply does nothing…

Any ideas?

Correction it disables some of the screenspace reflections… but not all… Which is very odd… and these are not reflections from reflection probes. They literally are view based and the objects disappear from the reflection due to screen space field of view.

Are you sure that you have “unbound” checked (or that you are 100% inside the volume if not using unbound setup) and that there are no other post process volumes in the area with the same or higher priority?

Also what if you try disabling it via the showflags -> Lighting Features -> Screen Space reflections

Sorry forgot to update this thread. I actually found the issue. The material on the glass had a checkbox in it for screen space reflections. I dont know if its correct that the materials screen space reflection for trans parent objets takes priority over removing screen space reflections of the scene, but the post process volume disables some of them i had noticed, just not the ones on the glass materials.

Interesting. That is almost certainly a bug. I will pass this along to Brian Karis. Thank you.

This happened to me as well, the flag inside the material is still overriding the viewport controls and the post-processing volumes. UE 4.11