Cannot create c++ projects

Hello, first of all, sorry for my bad english (i am using the google translate), well, when i try create a C++ project, this window appears

i look for help and i follow all the instructions here A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums

installed the SDK 7, 8.1 and the problem keep going

thank you for the help :smiley:

Your project should have been created, you just have to compile it in Visual Studios before you can open it. Press the open Visual Studio button or Open your project solution which should be in your Unreal Projects folder. Change it from debug to Development Editor and right click your game project in the solution editor and go to properties and in the vc++ dependencies tab. set all empty to inherit from project defaults. then build your project.

Once it is compiled you should be able to open the editor with out a hitch.

Meabe i am a little noob on this,but when i press “properties” it say that “There are no property pages for the selection”


Here right?

Right Click the little icon next to “My Project (Visual Studio 2013)” and at the bottom of the list will be properties. But even before then try to build the project anyways. If it doesn’t compile then set the VC++ Dependencies in properties.

Also I noticed it’s saying (Visual Studio 2013), I can only assume you are using Visual Studio 2015. UE4 doesn’t support 2015 yet,

Here is a thread on it.

In any case if you are using 2015 get 2013 instead and use that until 2015 is fully supported.

Nope, still saying “no properties” and when i build

I’m not sure what the problem is if none of my solutions help BUT you have to manually compile the project before you can open it. That’s why you can’t open the editor.

As I said if you’re using Visual Studio 2015, stop using Visual Studio 2015 or at least with UE4. Download and install Visual Studio 2013. For now you can only really use 2013 for UE4 as 2015 is not fully supported if at all.

Once you’ve done all that, open the project in Visual Studio 2013, if it won’t compile right click on your project in the solution explorer and go to properties, or select it and hit Enter + alt.

In Properties in VC++ Directories set the empty fields to “inherit from parent or project” Then try to build again and it should work.

Every time I make a C++ Project, I get the same error message. And every time this is how I fix it. If none of this helps then I’m fresh out of ideas.

Thank you almost it work (i opened it with VS2013 and works perfect, meabe the 2015 need wait until 4.10)

Who knows but They’re working on it, Glad I could help.