Cannot Cook Game

I have been trying to package this game for testing purposes for a while now and cant figure out whats going wrong, im not sure how to read the log. I posted this error on Answerhub 7 days ago and received no response at all so hopefully someone on here can help.

69229-ue4%20build%20error.txt (1.57 MB)

Looks like you’ve got some corrupted/unknown animation sequences? Maybe you deleted animations that were referenced?

Do you have VS2013 Installed?

hmm, I dont think i have 2013 installed for some reason but i’m installing it right now, would i be able to build despite the animation errors? I followed a tutorial to set something up from the developer of a stamina system and i dont want to start deleting stuff.

Those are blueprint errors, so no, you can’t just leave them alone.

****. I’m not even sure where to find them, i mean i would assume i would start in the ThirdPersonAnimBlueprint but i wouldnt know how to fix those errors even if i found the problematic nodes.

I have ThirdPersonAnimBP and ThirdPersonAnimBlueprint, when i click on ThirdPersonAnimBlueprint, UE says “Could not find the skeleton for Anim Blueprint ‘ThirdPersonAnimBlueprint’ Would you like to choose a new one?” Maybe thats causing issues?

Had same, after moving assets with os browser to different folder.
Check your old autosaves, if the error is there too…

I deleted my old auto saves becuase the saved folder was like 30 GB so i delted it all, is there any other way?

Is “ThirdPersonAnimBlueprint” the only error?
You can try a delete restorestuffthing, but that is much work, with limited chance of sucess…
Try os search for a uasset with that name in content folder.
When you have old backup restore from there.

Hmm, I think i tried deleting stuff before and it didnt work, is there any way to deactivate that stuff so i can at least build the game? the inventory system isnt even being used right now. you can see the blueprint stuff here

I can not find any animation stuff inside your char bp.
Inside your char blueprint, search for anything animation related (there is an animation played while jumpimg, and so on).
If you ask me, you could fix it, with disconnecting those nodes, but you have then no animations working.
Why not making a fresh file for the missing one?

I looked through my character and seen no animation stuff, i have a first person character so theres only the fps arms that are animated. I have no idea how to replace the file.

Ok, I just opened the animation thing and am fixing the character, I was able to fix all but 2 errors which i am unsure how to fix.


Just delete the TransitionRuleGetter nodes?

I was just about to say i think i may have figured it out but I cannot delete the nodes because the graph is in read only mode and i dont know how to change it.

It says that it is the parent graph preview, go into the parent and make the changes there.

How do i do that? Keep in mind this is the first time i have ever opened this screen up, i’ve never seen any of this stuff before and i dont really use blueprint so i have no idea where any of that stuff is. I just need to delete that node and then re add it and everything should be good to go.

Honestly I don’t know much about this issue either. Do me a favor, find your anim blueprint in the content browser, and hover over it, you should see parent class and native parent class. What do those two things say?

When I hover over ThirdPersonAnimBlueprint it says AnimInstance for both of those things

Hmm nevermind about the parent thing for that then. Restart the editor, and make sure to start it back up with admin privileges, then see if it will let you edit the graph.

I cant seem to start the editor in Administrator mode, just the launcher. But I started the launcher in admin mode and the graph is still in preview mode.

EDIT: I found the editor in my program files and ran it as administrator with no luck still.

I’m not sure if it helps or not but the things im trying to edit are Rules. It says JumpStart to JumpLoop(rule) and i cant edit them but i can edit the other tabs that are States.