Cannot control more than one player

Hey so I’m working on a multiplayer game. I am using the third person template and I have made the camera so that it is looking down at the map and does not move. When I start the game Player 1 drops down from where the camera is and I have player 2 already spawned in but I cannot move him at all. I am making it so you can play with the same keyboard. I already set up the move forward and move right controls and just duplicated the player 1 blueprint and changed it to the other move right and move left I made for Player 2. What is the problem?

Hey there, afaik you can only possess one pawn at a time, you can try to Enable Input for player 2 to add it into the input stack and see if it works.

Ik that there is some way to do it but I don’t know how. All I figured out is that if I select player 2 as the default pawn class then I can move him but then I cannot move player 1 so. Anything about that?

Nevermind I got it :smiley:

What did you do?

I created an interface called 1P-3P_Foward and then added the interface in each player. Then I put player 1’s controls in his blueprint and used the interface to call 2P and 3P. Inside the interface I made 2 functions called Call2PF and Call3PF. After they got called in player 1’s blueprint I just put the event in player 2 and player 3 and added the moving part in. Then I created another interface called 1P-3P_Right and 2 functions called Call2PR and Call3PR and repeated it.