Cannot assign materials to static meshes in Bulk Edit via Property Matrix

I want to select a large amount of meshes, right-click to choose Asset Actions > Bulk Edit via Property Matrix, but the material reference is not exposed.

To be honest, I don’t understand why the Property Matrix doesn’t look like a Details panel, with all the settings there ready to be edited. Are there plans to unify the interface and include all the properties?

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(sadly) this isnt a bug, there is no way to bulk-apply a shader :frowning:

I do not understand why there is no way to bulk apply a mic to multiple selected static mesh assets. They all have LOD0 with a material reference.

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This feature was removed some time ago due to a number of issues. It may come back in a future release, but there is no plans currently that I’m aware of to do this.

Thank you!


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It is now 2017. Any plans to revisit this? Can you ask please? It would be a very useful feature and I’m sure it could be implemented in some kind of limited fashion, such as matching the newly added “slot name”, or just working for “element 0” only and only working on Base LOD. Limited support is better than no support in my opinion. :slight_smile: I’ll take this even if it occasionally crashes the editor!


This would be a very nice thing to have

Ping in 2019? Any plans to fix this?

another ping in 2019. :confused:

this has been an issue for me several times in the last few years.

Same here. I have 40 assets a needed to have the same material. And I have to do it manually? Why?

If anyone is still searching here for answer. There is a workaround in the below post.

Assign material to multiple meshes in Content Browser