Candle Light emitting Particle

o HAI!

I’m Working as a environment artist and level designer on my school final project and i hit the wall on one of my assignments, and is creating a light emitting candle light for, DUH! the candles props
i have looking everywhere and even summoning magical gods but no luck, the only close tutorial i have found is this one

but the problems is that it was made on the Old 4.0.2 version of the Engine and most if not all the parameters he uses are no longer in the version 4.8.3
i need some help to get this running because this is key factor for the game ambiance

PS. excuse my grammar English is not my main language

I will check which settings you have to change so that you can use my tutorials with 4.8 :slight_smile:
Actually it’s pretty easy to recreate that effect. Just create the material and in the particle system, just set a high spawn rate and a little bit of a spawn offset + a size variation.