Cancelling build lighting when exporting lighting info consistently crashes the editor

A very minor and trivial bug- before the actual lighting begins to build but after pressing the build button- sometimes you notice something you forgot to fix and quickly cancel- and then the editor crashes. It’s definitely a bad time to cancel the build but sometimes you do it quickly without thinking. While it’s something that can be easily avoided, it can cause a headache if you haven’t saved prior to the lighting build, as it usually results in some data loss.

Hello EoinOBroin -

We are unable to replicate this crash internally, can you please post your Machine ID and make sure you submit the crash? Also let us know if this happens in any of the template projects; if not, can you please give us a breakdown of your project in which this crash is occurring.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

I tried some of the test projects and the “exporting lighting info” window actually is so quick that it isn’t possible to cancel. I then tried the Landscape Mountains project, and the cancelling didn’t cause a crash! Must have just been the project I was working on- I was testing out landscapes with a large amount of instanced foliage actors.

The issue seems to only persist on my project, and it’s not a problem at all, I think I just happened to cancel the build quickly a few times in the last few days on that project which made me note the issue, however it’s not a problem, sorry for the somewhat false report! I’ll test on example projects next time before reporting :slight_smile: