Cancelled subscription (still active) will not allow me to install and run from launcher

I’m using the launcher on a cancelled account, and the big yellow button that will usually say Launch (or I believe it says install if the editor isn’t installed) instead says “Subscribe”. I should still have an active account until mid-May, and after contacting support ( they responded saying I should submit my issue on answerhub.
Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Do have existing projects? Can you open your project through IDE? You don’t tell which OS you’r using, but when I’m trying to open c++ project through launcher it fails to open, but using XCode it opens and runs fine.

Win 64 - I downloaded the installer and ran it. Opened the launcher and it throws me an Error - Invalid Manifest received for Production. Options are “Try Again” and “OK”, I hit OK, and I get the launcher. “Syncing your account”, then it displays a yellow button that says “subscribe”

Have you tried searching the Answerhub ?

Thanks, I looked but I didn’t look for the right keywords.
It looks like it’s an issue with my manifest. I thought it was an account thing, and maybe it’s not.

I found a post ( that said it was fixed in a rollback, but I’m getting this error which I think is leading to the subscribe button problem.

I ended up just building from source and bypassing the launcher.
Still is an issue on my launcher, but I’m not going to bother using the launcher anymore.