Can you upload your own UV layouts for a mesh?

Hello all, I created a fairly simple barrel mesh in blender 2.82a. With that i created two uv layouts. One layout for texturing my mesh, a lot of overlapping, while the other is for the lighmapping. My question as the title says is, am i able to upload my own layouts? for UE4 to use?

DId you ever found a solution to this?

Something a google search would immediately turn up, probably why it was never answered.

When you import an FBX you have the option right in the import panel.
Generate Lightmap UVs

There’s also options within the mesh itself -
General Settings > down arrow to expand > Lightmap Coordinate Index.
Import Settings > Generate Lightmap UVs to disable the engine overriding your UV.
And re-import to have the mesh change.