Can you turn a Landscape object into a Static Mesh?

You can export the height map of your terrain from UE4, sculpt a mountiain into it, or use worldmachine and then reimport it as a raw file and still be able to edit it in engine.
I wouldn’t suggest making large landscapes with static meshes.

I would like to craft a small mountain for a hexmap to be used in a turn based strategy. Is it possible to combine the landscape with a static mesh or would it be best to build a mountain in another program and import?

Hi Zeustiak:
I don’t suggest you making a Landscape into a Static Mesh since the way of LOD of Landscape is not quite same as Statice Mesh. If you just want position a small mountain, why not make it in DCC tools like 3dmax,blender?

I am not that familiar with 3d modeling tools but I guess I will have to do some research and pick a good free program. I just need it for prototyping so it doesn’t need to be fancy.

I do need to be able to create a hexagon of an exact size and then mold a mountain on top of it though, so the easier that is the better. Any suggestions on free software?

I think the problem I have is that I need either a mountain whose base is as big as my hexagons(~115x100y) or I need to be able to fuse said mountain onto one of my hexagons. The landscaping and conversion tools don’t seem to have that functionality…

My map consists of anywhere between 500 and 9000 hexagon tiles that are instanced static meshes. I basically need some meshes with mountains/hills/forests/etc that fit into that basic hexagon mold.

If there is a better way to do a hex map with tiles that can have components and whatnot attached I would love to hear it. :slight_smile:

blender 3d is a open source 3D graphics and animation software.Many tutorials on the web.

You can export a landscape selecting it and choosing File->Export Selected.
It will be exported as an obj file.
You’ll have all components separated as single objects.

Peace, Budello


It can now export to FBX in UE5 as well.

if the landscape is very large , for example about 10gb in size, what are the .obj size limit of import in UE4?

I have an old open world map developed in the new version of ue4.27 and I want to use it in 4.20 but export successful as .obj in size 10gb but while importing in 4.20 the engine crash/freeze.

Not entirely sure on this one as I haven’t tried it, but you can select individual components - perhaps you can use the same “Export Selected…” as mentioned above for each individual landscape component and the put them back together on the other side. Will be pretty performance heavy though if your landscape is 10GB in total. But could be worth a shot!

Good luck!

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how to

I dont know if its available now or not…
I have a blueprint controlling color of it’s static mesh. I want to control landscape color to.
do you have any idea to control it? I have export .FBX file and then imported it to the map but its really slow! not running in my strong PC!
i need your help please…
actually i have a world want to change color of every thing in the map by its temperature(witch is a variable i have created for every object and its changing when the game is running) I am using blueprint for every kind of object i have (for example a blueprint for stones and replacing all the stones in outliners with the blueprint) its working fine in small environments but its really slow in my big env … any idea could be useful