Can you still utilize full mouse movement while using VR?

While using the Rift, all previous mouse movement is directed to head motion. The mouse still has some control, but only left and right. Is that level of control separate from the head tracking? What if I want to attach an object (a gun for example) to the player, but still allow the mouse to move up/down, left/right for the gun, but not track it to the head? That way a player can independently point an object at some location with the mouse or analog, but not attached to the head?

Currently, all I can do with the mouse is spin my character around, it can’t do anything else. When I’d actually like full mouse control (up and down motion as well) in addition to the head tracking.

What you are describing is the default behavior, but you can do whatever you want with the mouse, it’s just another input.

You can go to Project settings -> Input -> Axis Mappings and assign the Mouse X" and "Mouse Y"axis to any function you need.

My Mouse X and Mouse Y input is already mapped to whatever function I need, and works fine outside the Rift. Once I shift to the Oculus Rift though, the mouse motion seems separated from the head tracking, and becomes locked in X axis only.

I don’t want a pistol, flashlight, grappling hook, or whatever attached to my head when I’m using Oculus Rift, and it is.

I did a tutorial on how to seperate the HMD view from the player view. It is for 3rd person but I show it is trivial to make it first person. You can also do the same thing on any project. Here is the link:

That looks to be exactly what I was talking about. Thank you for the video, that is what I need.

no problem. glad to help

I was not able to follow this video and get it to work in the latest version 4.10. Does this approach not work in 4.10? The Controls seem inverted when using ‘follow HMD orientation’. How to do this in the latest version 4.10? Thanks.

This solution does not work for 4.11+