Can you scale particles by life non-uniformly?

Is there a way to scale a particle in the X and Y seperately? I have my Screen Alignment set to PSA_Rectangular. When I add a Scale By Life module and edit the Y value in the graph nothing happens. The only place where I can make the size non-uniform is, apparently, in the initial size module.

If you set the screen alignment in the Required Module to Rectangle you can scale the X,Y separately.

I have already done that. It’s mentioned in the body of the question.

Are you sure you have a 0,1 range in your Size By Life curve? I.E. your inval of curve point 0 = 0.00 and your invale of curve point 1 = 1.00?

If you don’t have your curve setup properly this can yield odd results.

Are you sure you don’t have axis lock on? I.E. below the curve you can choose to assign the X Axis value to Y, Z so you only have to edit one value…

I just tested this and it appears to function as I expect in Cascade. An image of your curve/setup might help.