Can you scale an entire particle system with all of its emitters?

Can you scale an entire particle system with all of its emitters? Right now i bought some fire fx from the unreal market… but they are huge in scene. Like a candle light or tiny flame is the size of an entire person in scene. Whats worse is if i scale it inside of the level… it no longer looks correct. Like embers from flames may shoot up 10 feet into the air and the various emitters will be seperated away from each other… not having the correct look of the fire.

How can i scale this entire effect without looking for every little velocity and scale over time … Because that would defeat the purpose of buying this asset… It would essentially be recreating the effect…

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There are usually settings in the modules of the particle system that are labelled something like “Scale to Parent Size”. I think the velocity module has one, but to be honest if you scale the particle system it’ll never look 100% correct, they should always be made to the correct scale where possible, scaling them is kind of a quick-hacky workaround.

I figured that. I contacted the author of the assets on the market place. He now plans to build them to correct scale in his next update.

Will this effect the veolicty, distnace things travel, and even light sources?

So far i use it, it works fine, everything stays like it should but in the scale you need it. Test it.