Can you scale an entire particle system with all of its emitters?

Can you scale an entire particle system with all of its emitters? Right now i bought some fire fx from the unreal market… but they are huge in scene. Like a candle light or tiny flame is the size of an entire person in scene. Whats worse is if i scale it inside of the level… it no longer looks correct. Like embers from flames may shoot up 10 feet into the air and the various emitters will be seperated away from each other… not having the correct look of the fire.

How can i scale this entire effect without looking for every little velocity and scale over time … Because that would defeat the purpose of buying this asset… It would essentially be recreating the effect…

Is there any news to this problem? Or is it just not possible at all? Seems more like a bug that some parameters are absolute, and not related to the scale of the actual emitter actor.

Try making blueprint out of it, and in the construction script connect “set actor relative scale 3d” node and choose desired size. It should work.

While it often works to scale a particle with the actor relative scale, occasionally some nodes in cascade ignore this due to their settings or behavior. in that case you will need to dive into cascade and tweak values.

I have been doing this for some clients who couldnt be bothered with rescaling it themselves, its a pain :confused:

Thanks for your answers. I tried the Blueprint workflow, but as Luos mentioned it doesn’t work for every node. So I’ve to find a workaround because I haven’t the time to tweak all of my effects twice :frowning:

Have you found a solution for the particle system scaling? At the moment I have exactly the same problem…

no I have not.

Almost 2 years later,… Has ANYBODY found a way to: SCALE A PARTICLE SYSTEM? :>\

Put the particle system in an empty Actor. Then scale this actor. That’s it. :slight_smile:

Change Screen Alignment to PSA Square and you can scale the Particle System (I.e. when it is a component).

its not brilliant but for some quick fixes you can change the initial size.