Can you play multiple in editor clients offline, or is there a way to disconnect players manually?

I’m trying to develop a multiplayer project and I’ve completed the available video tutorials/have experience with it, however when starting with multiple windows in the editor it automatically sets them up as listen/client windows, so I’m unable to test manual connections via blueprint console commands. I’ve tried using the ‘DISCONNECT’ console command to disconnect the players manually after the windows open, however this crashes Unreal Engine. Currently using engine version 4.5 preview. Is making builds of the game each time necessary at the moment? That would be incredibly inefficient as I’d have to make a build each time I want to make any changes for the rest of development as I couldn’t start mid-game via the automatic connections and expect it to work the same as manually connecting players and going through all the processes I setup through that. I’d greatly appreciate some advice for this.