Can you have emissive light from skeletal mesh

I’m trying to have a emissive texture on a skeletal mesh, but I don’t see a option to make it static so that the emission effects lighting. Am I missing something or is there another way to do this? Thanks for any help!


There are two ways to use emissive as actual light source and i dont think either of them work with skeletal meshes. One is with lightmass, by enabling use emissive for static lighting in the mesh’s properties. And the other is with LPV(Light Propagation Volumes.) I’m quite sure the first one doesnt work with skeletal meshes but i havent tried the second one.

Ugh, I hope there is some way. I would think there has to be some way…

Jacky would be correct with the lightmass one. This would require light to be built which doesn’t make sense for skeletal meshes.

If you’re using LPV this shouldn’t be hard to do since the Material is where the dynamic emissive property will be set to true. The only stipulation here is that your level requires you to have a Directional Light that has the flag “Dynamic Indirect Lighting” checked.

LPV currently does not support Point or Spot lights.

Cool, I will check out the LPV, thanks!