Can you have a world aligned texture that only effects the horizontal axis?

I am trying to get a modular building to have seamless walls. Each section is much taller than it is wide yet I am texturing it with a 1024x1024 image.

As you can see there are obvious seams from doing this. I want to get the texture seamless horizontally but have no change on the vertical fit of the texture. As using the world aligned texture function changes all the axis, and I have no idea how to have it only effect the x and y axis, if that’s even possible.

Is there anyway of doing this?

you can change the texture size with a vector 2 as well (assuming you are using the worldalignedtexture node)
that way you can tell its a 1024x2048 or whatever size you want it to be.

you might also want to take a look at this: UE4 - Luos's World Aligned/Tri-Planar Material functions.