Can you export foliage meshes to FBX?

I have a level with a fair number of meshes placed using the foliage tool. When I export the level to FBX to open it in Maya it doesn’t export the instances I placed with the foliage tool. Is there a way to export these too?

Hi JCDKay,

There currently isn’t a way to do this. This is something that may change in the future and that we will take into consideration.

Thank you!


Is this still true that you cannot export out foliage as an FBX? We are looking to do an animation based around foliage placement in Maya

You should be able to do this in 4.8 or either 4,9 now. I can’t remember which version this was put in to.

Excellent! Is there a process for this? When I select the foliage actors, export Selected is grayed out.

Simply select the foliage (which will select all the instances) and any other assets to get the Export Selected. Or you can just export all to export to FBX.

Hi, I can’t find out how to export the foliage? I did as you said, just with the normal select actor → export selected, and it’s not being exported in the .FBX. Using UE4.12

Same here, UE4.12.5 and no foliage exported.