can you create a mirror with planar reflections?

I read you can use the planar reflection visual effect to create a mirror. In the documentation it looks like you can. I’m trying to create a mirrored floor surface. So far I’m only getting blurry, vague reflections. I was hoping for an exact reflection. Is this possible?

Hi Galvatron,

Yes, you can get exact reflections depending on the settings used. I just want to be sure that the guide you followed was this one: Planar Reflections in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Some things to note though, the guide doesn’t specify that the planar reflection asset that you drag into your scene isn’t rendered in game. It is merely a visual representation of where the the reflection is coming from. You need a static mesh with a material that is somewhat reflective (a metal material would be good) that is close to the planar reflection so that it can get the information from it.

Personally it is easy for me to think of the planar reflection asset as a volume. You can see the volume with a reflective plane inside of it. Anywhere that volume is touching will receive data from the plane and reflect the same image displayed on that plane.

I would recommend playing with the planar reflection asset in the default map with a metallic material applied to the floor so you can see how it interacts with the scene. If the quality seems lacking I found that increasing the Screen Percentage value in the details panel (extended settings) helps.

heaps Ed! You’re all over it.

Glad I could help!