Can you change Niagara static mesh from user exposed variable

how can you change the Niagara static mesh in the mesh array of the mesh renderer from a user exposed variable?
the goal is to have one niagara system used multiple times in the level map with different meshes set from the level editor.

Definitely, gimme a few mins… ah… it’s a bit tricky, eh?..

I saw this, but haven’t had a chance to try it yet ( kinda doesn’t make sense ):

thanks for thinking about it @ClockworkOcean
I’ve looked at a couple of these techniques but they all seemed about changing s static mesh that is used to emit particles from.
I am interested in changing the static mesh in the mesh renderer.
of course you can create a user variable of the type static mesh, but the mesh renderer has an array that holds static meshes but doesn’t accept the static mesh user variable.

I hear you. It doesn’t work, eh?..

It looks like you’ll just need a lot of emitters :clown_face:


I would also appreciate a solution for that :slight_smile:

Lots of emiters may not be a solution if an arbitrary mesh is tobe supplied to the emitter.

Here is the tutorial on how to do it,