Can you automatically include referenced headers?

The basic FPS tutorial doesn’t use any new #includes in the header files at all, but without trawling the engine source I can’t find what I need to include in order for it to actually compile. How is it supposed to be done? Is it by editing the build c# file?
I’m using VS 2017, and UE 4.16.

Hi @Admiral Harvard , did you run the Setup.bat and GenerateProjectFiles.bat before launching Visual Studio? You might need to add the -2017 parameter when running the GenerateProjectFiles

Another page may help also

I’m not building the engine from sources, I’m just using the release version

If you can provide the compile errors you are experiencing we can help diagnose the errors if needed.

The problem mysteriously resolved itself; I think it wasn’t including the project header, which seems to remove the need for the manual includes.
The solution was to recreate the C++ files, checking that the #include ProjectName.h is in the relevant headers of the files

it’s less of a UE4 question and more of a general C++ one.

it is basically impossible, but it is not hard to do manually anyway.

it should be a matter of half minute to troubleshoot and google up what headers do you need to include according to the compilation error you have. also it doesn’t happen too often.