Can You Add Materials To Diffrent Faces of Static Mesh ?

Is there a way to do this ?

Yes you can, but you need to apply different material ID’s to each face in your modeling software beforehand.


If you need to setup multiple materials for a single object this would need to be done via a modeling application.

For instance, in 3Ds Max you can use a Multi-Sub-Object material and assign different polygons/faces a material ID that associates those faces with a material.

If you’re using BSP you can select faces and apply a material to them individually before converting to a Static Mesh.

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I am doing the modeling in the unreal engine. Should I be using bsp’s than vs static meshes ?

Yes, but keep in mind that you shouldnt use BSP’s for your final product as they are performance heavy.

If I understand correctly, this is not actually assigning a material to a specific face of a mesh. When you create multiple material elements for a single mesh, you are actually packing together more than one mesh into a single container, meaning it’s not a per face assignment, but a whole new mesh created in place of those faces. This is expensive in terms of draw calls and should generally be avoided.

So, is there actually a way to assign a per face material in Unreal? I think the answer is no but I hope someone proves me wrong.

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That’s a great questions. Since we do have now the nice basic modeling features, and you do a very simple inset, you want to assign different materials to different faces.

I haven’t seen any documentation that covers that topic.

Anyone any clue how to do this?
Thanks a lot