Can you add a UMG widget as a hUD to render ontop of the stereoscopic view with out splitting the HUD between eyes.?

I am trying to build a 360 architectural vizualization for android in which i have interactive full screen HUD and a 360 VR world view beneath. When I i select certain buttons on the HUD I want to change the texture on my skysphere( which i have setup to do so on my pc version and remove the hud so that I can view the space in VR or 360 with the default GoogleVR view. Essentially I would like the HUD to overlay over the entire viewport without regard to the stereoscopic cameras beneath. Currently it is being viewed through each eye.

I’m not sure I understand fully what you want to archieve, but I had a similar problem. Maybe this is what you wanna do: how can I switch on and off stereoscopic rendering using Google cardboard? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums