Can we use UT4 for our VR project?

Hi, we want to create a VR headset that can localize users in room and prepare a special arena were people can competite. It would be nice if the first game that people would be able to play was Unreal Tournament 4 with some basic changes. Of course we will mantion that they are playing Unreal Tournament game and we will give credits to the develepors team. First we want to create a pomotional video about the VR Arean. Is it alright to use Unreal tournament 4 for the video with mentioning Epic Games, Unreal Engine and Unreal Tournament 4 in end creadits next to our logo?

Rafal Borkowski

I’m sorry but this is not permitted.

Ok I understand but it’s okay to use just Unreal engine 4 without Unreal Tournament 4 element? I just want to be sure.

Please read the terms of service Terms of Service - Epic Games and FAQ Häufig gestellte Fragen - Unreal Engine and of course, EULA Game-Engine-Technologie von Unreal - Unreal Engine

Certainly you can use UE4 under the terms of the EULA. You can also use Shooter Game as example content instead of UT4.