can we use ue4 without spending money?

hi, can i make a good game just with the starter content? so can i make my own material, own level design without the marketplace?

and what programm i need? Photoshop? Maya? Just UE4?

thanks for your answer

It really depends on what exactly you’re setting out to make. And what your definition of “good” is.

Of course you can make your own materials, design your own levels, and code your own game; you don’t have to spend money to get what you need. However, unless you’re skilled in Blueprint (or C++), know the specifics of level design and lighting, are really skilled with making textures for anything your game might need, and basically everything else (sound design, cinematics, 3D Modeling to name a few more), you probably aren’t going to have an easy time doing it all from scratch by yourself (or with a team that has limited experience).

For the programs you would need, it once again comes down to specifically what you are trying to make? Are you making a straight 2D game? Is it a 2.5D Isometric dungeon crawler RPG? Is it a 3D FPS? I can’t really give you a good idea of what programs you might need without more information.

In general though, if you’re trying to make a “good” game with only the starter content, you’re going to be fairly limited with what you can do to differentiate and make your game unique. That’s not to say it wouldn’t be possible, just a bit impractical.