Can we submit C++ classes(not plugins) to marketplace ?

Hi Guys ,

Just wondering if we can submit C++ Actor classes in the marketplace. Because at times I find that blueprint is really limited for lots of advanced content creation from programmer’s point of view. For example , I worked with CustomMeshComponent, and found that UVs cannot be set , so using textured materials is impossible. Also , collision cannot be set. To make my procedural content 100% perfect , I have to create C++ Actor classes, which works flawlessly.

So if I submit C++ source folder along with the content folder to UE4 marketplace , will it be accepted ?

Of course you should wait what Epic says to make it official but no, you can’t submit C++ classes.
As I heard, in 4.8 there will be a possibility to submit a c++ plugin. But not more. And maybe that changed.

Sometimes blueprints not only limit you but also have a very strong impact on performance. Hope Epic will make C++ submits available one day.

I have a button “Installed Plugins” in the Launcher under the 4.8 Preview. I think there is something coming soon :wink: