Can we have Unreal4 Masterserver ( Lobby ) browser be added to the Unreal engine for our own games?

EPIC games thank you for giving us a tool to work with.
As being a huge fan of all your Unreal games in the past i would like to ask if it would be possible that we can have the Unreal master server browser as a plugin into our UE4.
Steam is not the solution we all want and in some countries Steam is even blocked.

Please Tim Sweeney, give us that extra little top layer on your network code.

Such function is very simple to make it’s just list of IPs, simpliest way would be use of HTTP, or you might try diffrent master server solution as a example, for example once used in quake:

I am asking for a working solution out of the box, not for something go figure out and learn c++.
For you it might be easy because you know c++ but try to think about lots of users which dont know c++.
Blueprints should be a time saver in UE4 as was kismet, but not if people still need to learn coding.
If it is all so easy and simple why nobody takes the effort to give a working one to the community ?
I am more in design as on coding, what would be helpfull is just to have a working finished asset for UE4.
In unity networking they dont ask you to make it if you choose a network solution, it just works easy for a designer.
It mostly comes with even more features as just the standard epic networking.


In that case you should find somebody who can do that to help you out, keep in mind making games is not easy thing to do, Unreal never gonna fulfill all your needs, so you need to be prepared to do things on your own

Anyway some time after i posted this anwser i find this: