Can we have the Samartian and Infiltrator Demos ?

Seeing as the Elemental demo has finally been released to the public is there any chance we could also get both the Samaritan and Infiltrator tech demos ?

Samaritan was a UDK demo and isn’t something they can convert to UE4 without a ton of work. Infiltrator would be nice, but I don’t think it’s necessary and I think the assets may be more valuable to them than the Elemental demo.

i think would be nice to get the infiltrator demo too, hope in the future it will be released.

I’m sure they will release the Infiltrator demo soon, they seam to be releasing the demo content in the order they revealed it so Infiltrator would be next i’m assuming

And yes, Samaritan would be nice to go through in UDK but i doubt that will happen

I got to agree with Darth, The infiltrator seemed to be more valuable than the Elemental demo and it needed lots of work.

The Infiltrator demo is massive and its all over the place in terms of content organization. But you are really not missing out to much as most of the content from Infiltrator is similar to the content that they have released so far. Is there any thing in particular that you saw in there that you want to know more about?

The Samaritan Demo won’t really require too much work since it’s not complex of a scene, and plus the Samartian character is in the Contents Example so they won’t have to remodel him. and the Infiltrator Demo is already made in UE4 and was running on a GTX680 so I don’t see really any optimization required remember we want next gen not low gen.

What do they have to offer that the demo’s right now dont have? Unless you know a lot about UE4 already then you can understand what is going on in Infiltrator Demo. It would be nice too look at and gore at, but they did just release elemental demo for you too rip apart and understand, Im sure you have not rebuilt it and understood how its made yet :smiley: So instead of asking for more and more why not learn and remake the ones that have been given too you.

Well said mate.

None of the files in the Samaritan demo are compatible, they would have to move everything over to UE4 and rebuild all of their materials and code, if something like the Elemental demo took a good amount of work to release which was already created in UE4 then it would take a lot more work to get something from UDK. And ultimately it wouldn’t give much. The character model that’s included in UE4 is not the full character, it’s missing quite a bit of stuff and it’s just one asset. The Infiltrator demo probably has as much work to get it released as the Elemental demo


Content Examples project alone is enough to teach about the engine a lot more than those cinematic projects. And if you want more info on game development side of things follow Hourences’s new Solus series.

I would like to see a video tutorial on how was built Infiltrator demo. Not everything but the most crucial parts.
Camera animation
Post fx


Up! UE4.6 version of Samaritan and Infiltrator!

What I miss in the examples that is in the Infiltrator demo is the part of the huge explosion and the bullet ground impacts in the final part of the demo. I had access to it when I worked at a licensed studio, but now I’m just a normal subscriber :smiley:

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