Can we get a Build System training stream?

I’d love to learn more about all the customization features found in the Unreal Build System, what can be done with Target files, with Build Configuration files and whatnot. I’ve been poking around those recently trying to figure out how to increment build numbers on successful game packaging and realized just how extensible it all is and how little I know about it. Having an expert go over the basics will surely help a lot of people sink their teeth into the whole thing.

Best regards,
Damir H.

This is a great suggestion. We’ll see if we can get it on the schedule. Thanks!

Definitely interested in resource like this!

Hurray for automation! Please include some examples with git or perforce as well.

Great idea!

Specific requests:

  • Info on how UBT handles plugins - how best to build plugins on their own, and how UBT treats plugins within projects (both plugins with source, and binary only). Also, for non-editor builds, they get linked monolithically, making them not really plugins. Can this be changed?

  • Differences between UBT configurations of launcher engine and Github source version - I seem to see differing behaviour when buliding/rebuilding projects in the two varieties, but am never sure exactly why.

  • In depth explanation of what unity builds do and when to use or not use them.

Thanks a bunch! Once it’s scheduled I’ll make sure to have some questions ready in the Events thread! But as said already, automating nightly builds and customizing BuildConfiguration files and such would be stellar!

yes please

Bumping this up. Any update?

@JeffWilson any update on this? Because i would like this in training stream as well :slight_smile:

It’s been a while since I suggested this, any chance we can get an update on this stream? =D

I also think more resources on “this is how the build system works and how you actually use it for real-world use cases” would be great.
Doing the same for the C++ code would be nice, too, but let’s start with the build tool :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestions and everyone giving input here. I’ll take a look at where this landed and try to get a stream for it on the schedule.

Yes, pretty please!

Agreed, this would be mega useful. Some detailed info on how to get the Automation tool up and running for a project - good practices etc, would be useful.

Boom, definitely agreed.

I didn’t even knew such thing was in the engine :o

There are a lot of things that people have no clue about, such as Networking Profiler… shoot, I meant to add that to a list I made somewhere else…

I suppose third time’s the charm for checking up on this, especially now with the build system updates in 4.15.

Now would seem to be a really good time for this.

I’m in the process of updating plugins to 4.15 and have been hit by a bunch of issues, such as missing compiler definition warnings.

Also thoroughly confused about the intentions with the new include system. The release notes explain how the engine no longer explicitly uses precompiled headers and now uses matching .cpp/.h pairs. It doesn’t say anything about whether the idea is for plugins/projects to also ideally make this change from now on, and if so how to go about it.

I agree with everyone in this thread and @jwatte says it very very well :slight_smile:

The build tool is like this gold mine of power I barely understand how to use, knowing more of what I can do with it would be amazing, stuff I wouldn’t figure out quickly on my own even with source code access :slight_smile:

I also agree with @kamrann that now that 4.15 has arrived and IWYU, I think this stream could address some of the IWYU stuff which we can implement technically well enough but understanding the new terrain of the engine in C++ and how things work would be really helpful in performing the technical side of things.

Knowing the larger scope would be great!

Thank youuuu!