Can we display more than one camera viewport within a viewport?

By all means, I want to display two or more images rendered by two or more cine cameras side by side in one display.
I can display it with Scene Capture 2D, but I can’t convince myself that I can’t do it with Cine Camera.

If you don’t mind, thank you for your reply

you can open additional viewports (Window > Viewports) and the change their view to pilot specific camera actors, does that accomplish what you are going for?

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It sounds like @Shino888 wants to do it at runtime, in the game.

The engine supports it, because it supports split-screen multiplayer. One way to get to the solution would be to look at how split-screen multiplayer does it, and then attempt to replicate that for a single-player setup.

I think the general idea would be to actually create two viewports, and make them share the screen, though – not to “display two viewports in one viewport.” It may sound like a small thing, but I think the general setup will be easier and fit better with what’s there if you think of it as “two viewports.”

Hi, jwatte!
Thank you for the reply and detailed instructions!
You’re right, I want to split the screen between the two players while the game is running.
However, I have gathered information to realize this, but I feel that I am not strong enough, so I would like to borrow your wisdom from this place.

Thank you

There’s already built-in support for split-screen multiplayer.

I wonder about that also. Yes, there is a split screen support but i couldn’t able to adjust the ratio of viewports. I don’t want to use render target as an option since it’s quality and performance is low.