Can We Change the Material by Fade for the Characters?

Hello there!

I was wondering if we can manipulate the Alpha value of the Lerp node in character blueprints in order to change the character material slowly by fade. Can we convert it to a parameter and use it in the blueprints? Or if we have 3 different types of the material, one of them is the first one, second one is the fade material which contains Flipbook node goes from black to white, the third one is the final material???



Hi Berke

you can manipulate the alpha channel with the node create dynamic material instance.
(I usually set it up in the construction script.)
After that you can get the Parameters from your material Scalar, Vector and Texture parameter which you can now adjust with your BP logic. (I used an add timeline node in the example image)
Make sure the Material is on translucent so you can create fades also that the Paramter names are equal in your BP and Material.