Can UI materials communicate between each other ?

Hey guys,

If you look at the picture bellow I made a menu (let’s call it layer A) and I’d like on the top of that a material (layer B) that can detect what’s bellow. The purpose is to modify the material assigned to layer B depending if the layer A adds, removes or moves any of its components. Does it make sense ?


Any idea are more than welcome !


the logic has to be done in the Blueprint graph and you can pass Parameters to Materials via a *Material Parameter Collection . *


Sounds very appropriated but I realize now it isn’t going to work for I try to achieve. I’d like to create something that could create a trail but all in the user interface. Like I scroll down a list every line has a trail, same for the mouse cursor.

Maybe my question should be > Is there a way to have a dynamic mask created from a widget ? So the widget changes, the mask changes too and so the material.

Can you show us what you want to make, done in something like PowerPoint or similar to get an actual idea?


After a few days of many try I’m still failing. :confused:

You’ll find attached two screenshots, one before and one after what I’m trying to achieve. I could probably achieve this within each component but it’ll be a huge amount of work and no versatile at all.

In my mind this could be something very similar to this.

The video effect is a simple aftereffect. If you read the definition you can also understand how to implement it.

As far as UI goes. All of your Ui should be derived from the same custom widgets anyway - so modifying the widget with the text to include the effect should be all you need.

My concern is that I have no idea how you plan to apply this between picture A and Picture B, which is why i was wondering if you can prototype it out into something else in order to say “I want this exactly”.

Depending on the functionality there are about a 1000 ways to go about it…

Yes I understand the challenge of understanding something that is clear in my mind but absolutely not on paper. I’ll see what I can come up with to get that clearer.
Thanks for the time spent looking into this.