Can UE5 destroy my PC?

I downloaded UE5, and I want to learn make short movie, but if i drag the sliders e.g in the camera settings my lamps (irl not in the project) start blinking :smiley: i live in old house, and I think this current fluctuations can damage my PC.
That is my config:
PS: Chieftec bronze 800w
GPU: RTX 2080 Super (gigabyte)
CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700x
should i be worried about that?

Especially since you live in an old house, you should get a power strip with a surge protector!
As far as I know this should take care of the damaging your PC danger.

Under extreme load your PC could be drawing more power than your old house can handle…
But if your PC keeps running fine in that situation and with a surge protector, I wouldn’t worry about your PC too much. Maybe worry more that other stuff using the same power source might not work correctly…

If you’re worried about the quality of power your PC is receiving, I would suggest a good UPS that will clean the power provided to your PC. They’re not cheap, but it’s cheaper than replacing your GPU or PC if your power supply craps out.

For example, the following provide pure sine wave power, and automatic voltage regulation, so if the input power from the wall fluctuates, it switches automatically to battery until the wall power is clean again.

I’m familiar with this one, which works very well:

This is the comparable product from CyberPower: