Can UE4 simulate large code and physics properly if it lags?

Everybody says UE4 is the way to go hands down if you are serious, and they say UE4 is a smart choice for simulating a big AI brain in a body that would learn and start to become human in the simulation.

How can any real-time Game Engine be used for this? This cannot run in real-time! A baby learning to crawl in a room and see the realistic room and much more after with lots of code running and render and physics cannot meet real-time. It needs to be rendered. Else I think it would start cutting and lagging on graphics, physics, code, objects, ruining my simulation instead of going through it no matter how long it takes.

I’m doubting UE4 uses the GPU for much. Does it run Physics? Render? Code? Objects? And, does it allow higher settings ex. better graphics (ex. samples) or physics? And as for the hardware, I would have enough GPU for my project, thankfully! But this is not the problem.

Alternatively, what other simulation software is there? With a forum for me to hire freelancers on to construct my AI?


Simulation, you know, you have a mesh room, with a mesh model, rigged, has motors to drive the body by physics, and my real alive human baby will have a AI brain that won’t need a supercomputer to run its human intelligence, but could reach some lag further on in - because game engines aren’t meant for much code comput-in at all maybe, so even a little (yes my AI is pretty efficient) could climb to higher lag in on the project, which, well, will start cutting back things (read opening post).

It’s a big, serious project, that will be very impressive and mean lots.

I feel you’re grossly underestimating the complexity of the project you’re putting forwards.

I have most of my model (would have to complete it in UE4 ex. face rig and motors). The render and physics is not a problem. And lastly which I assume you mean the AI, that is my problem to be concerned about, I have that under control and have something very impressive to bring, fast. Btw this is my life and grasp, and complete future I will have, until I create it. And I will ;D This is not just to become adult, it is also to convince professors.

You should start with experimenting in 2D with genetic algorithms. Start with trying to make a 2d skeleton that can move to the right. If your trying to make something that hasn’t ever been done before, you should try to emulate something that has as a starting point. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Please guys, I don’t need to be told this every month by different people. I know what I am doing. …You’re not helping me in any way, remember that.

Now, I am hanging by a jugular artery, I need you to help me with the thread’s problem… please?

If for some reason you don’t understand the thread’s dilemma, here’s another go: A large enough algorithm cannot run real-time on any CPU, it’d need GPU. Does UE4 use GPU for running code? If not, will the code complete each frame making it lag as long as it needs OR will it chop up and lag and the code will not run right because it’s trying to act “real-time” by cutting our pieces of my code?

No one can help you because:

  1. Unreal Engine isn’t designed to run complex AIs, you could probably make it work, but it’s not what it’s designed for.

  2. This is a game design forum, not an AI forum.

  3. Your asking for help on something no one has ever suce successfully done before. You’re asking the equivalent of how to build a space ship to Mars.

  4. If you were asking how to do step A, B, or C, we could help more, but you are asking for A-Z.

  5. You’re ignoring good advice.

Ignoring how weird this thread is and trying to answer your question.

Assuming you are running code in the ‘Tick’ phase of whatever entity you implement, UE will wait until your code completes before proceeding to the next frame. Frame rates are not deterministic.

Oh god someone answered. Technically the others likely didn’t know any answers, although you say “ignoring how weird this thread is” meaning you succeeded in not being shy of answering.

Now of course, I sorta think you mean what you mean, and I sorta trust it’s true, but idk man. Also, I’d have to still choose my path ex. UE4 not Blender.

Or moreover, the question is in itself utterly baffling.

There is literally no reason you’d use Unreal Engine 4 for this outside of the renderer, same deal with Blender. You’d need to write totally custom software to achieve what you want to do, not try and hammer it into normal gameplay code.

Readin this just now:

Or moreover, the question is in itself utterly baffling.

There is literally no reason you’d use Unreal Engine 4 for this outside of the renderer, same deal with Blender. You’d need to write totally custom software to achieve what you want to do, not try and hammer it into normal gameplay code.

Render-ers/simulators and “real-time”-Game-Engines both give me realistic Render, Physics, Object tools, and Code, all I need. Blender Cycles mode mayyy lack code ability to control motors, while these real-time game engines have changing fps and want quick algorithms. Still, I don’t have to write my own 3D engine or even hack some parts together however.

Scroll down on this video and read my comment (immortal discoveries). Click to the OpenAI Gym and Roboschool, also you’ll find Parallel Game Engine. You’ll read what I think about those in my comment on that YouTube page, I don’t get it, well, maybe I do, maybe it’s parallel. Boy is that all! Same thing just parallel. I think they need me in charge of Google. Make the perfect engine alreadyyyyyyyy rarrrrrrrrr. :smiley:

You should apply then, they’re always hiring. Don’t forget to link them your YouTube comments.

Google has been making progress with DeepMind since its acquisition. Here’s a brilliant example:

Who is saying that?

Well my online friends had said before “or you could go straight UE4” and “Unity is good”, and on the internet it keeps saying UE4 is the best it da best it da topppp. And who ever hears about any other simulation software? IDk man… goodnight for now.

Large companies have been trying to make self learning and sustaining AI and haven’t really succeeded…

Well I’m the sent one. I know things they and you don’t know.

Like? Please enlighten us.