Can UE4 run on a 2013 Macbook Pro?

It’s running Intel Iris graphics with 1 GB memory. Is anyone running on this hardware already?


I think it’s pretty hard to launch UE4 with such graphics card through the official advice list .

I have it running just fine on my 2012 Macbook Pro

Anyone running on a 2014 MacBook Pro? Curious how the Intel Iris manages this (if at all).

I’m curious about this too. Was considering buying a MacBook Pro, but would be a shame if I was unable to work on UE4.

Integrated graphics?

I have a MBP 2012 with a GTX650M and it’s running ok. But not blazing fast.

But that’s what I already expected. Mobile graphic cards, such as those ones in MBP’s, or iMacs are simply to weak.

Let’s face it. If you want to create a game with current gen graphics, you better get a beefy computer :slight_smile:

I planning to get decent PC for Unreal 4.

Argh, that’s too bad. I read more and more lamenting weak performances on MBP. I was about to buy one, but that’s really a deal breaker.

Ya I have it running on my first gen rMBP and it works fine for learning. I think if your going to develop pretty hardcore, you might as well be dong it on a desktop box. But I wouldn’t doubt that Unreal are still working on optimizing the mac side, I’d say wait another month, hopefully another 2 weeks, and see where they get before you make the call.

Brand new 27" iMac can’t handle the example first person map, let alone the examples in the market place, but a GTX 770 has it screaming on my windows PC.

We are working on performance improvements and I’m sure that with time it’ll get much better.

For now you can try this quick patch for non-Intel graphics cards: Just unzip and run the installer.

Also, try hiding the Unreal Engine Launcher. On some Macs it helps with the performance (we will have a proper fix for this soon). And in case of Retina MacBook Pros, it appears that if you have your display mode set to higher than Best (Retina) the editor performance may suffer considerably.

Working fine of non retina Macbook Pro 15’’ mid 2012 with GeForce GT650M with 8GB RAM

I can’t hardly believe that. It works pretty fluid on my not so new Macbook Pro??? How come the top of the line iMac could perform worse than that?

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UE4 works very poor on my 27" iMac (late 2012). Latest patch improves things a bit, but it is still very slow.

Thanks Michael for the patch and the tips! Your efforts are much appreciated. I’ll try that.

Well it depends what you personally consider as “pretty fluid”. For some people, everything below 20 FPS is not acceptable. Other people need at least 60 FPS to be happy.

I’m using a 2013 X1 Carbon thinkpad with an i7 and Intel HD 4000 (integrated graphics) and I’m getting about 10-15 FPS when in game.

So integrated works, but not well.

Previously, I had an early model 2013 MBP with a discreet GPU, and I was getting ~50FPS.

Did you install UE on OS X or Windows? I can run the editor at 30-60 FPS on Windows (depending on the level), but get no more than 15-20 on OS X.

Just to follow up, I installed on my MacBook Pro - 2014 Retina 13" with Intel Iris. It runs okay - a LITTLE sluggish at times, but for a bit of coding or basic editor work it’s completely usable. Looking forward to performance increases in future versions though.

Hey Steve! Nice to see you here around too :smiley:

I’m seeing a lot of familiar names popping up in this forum :slight_smile:

This patch did a good job speeding things up. Not in par with the Windows version but much nicer than without the patch.

Is there any newer version of this patch?

I have a maxed out 2013 MBP(one with the nvidia 750) and UE4 runs well, not nearly as well as my desktop by any means, but it’s perfectly suitable for anything that isn’t just huge level wise.