Can´t run UE4 on my MacBook Pro from 2011? (The latest with a 17" screen)

Can I do something to fix this? It seems UE4 does not start in OSX, some ideas please?


No, it doesn’t meet the minimum requirements.

If it has thunderbolt you can use a bizon box external gpu, but sadly macbooks arent good developement machines. The new mb pros will struggle to run ue4 without an external gpu. Or you can buy 2 gaming laptops with gtx1080 for the price of one mb pro with external 1080 via bizon box. Maybe try to run udk?

Unfortunately no – a short while back UE4 dropped OpenGL support and require Metal support by the GPU. That removes most any Mac from before 2012. VMs are also out unless you have some crafty solution unknown to most.

This was the reason I just dropped a crazy amount on a new MBP, to keep pursuing IOS game development with UE4.

You can pick up a cheap Mac for building (or use that 2010 model) - as you’ll only need it to support the latest XCode. But then you’ll struggle for (at least) a while setting up Remote Builds (and more time to maintain when it inexplicably breaks), and still not be able to debug on a device (which is another adventure). So you still want to, you’re left getting a Mac that can run the editor well enough to be your dev workstation. Sorry, I got frustrated :stuck_out_tongue:

**thadkinsjr **that is exactly what I was thinking to do, to run an external GPU, and it´s what I´m going to do, I´ll post when I solve this.


**Burly **Thanks, Yes, I got frustrated too when i found this… but I´m pretty confident I could solve it with an external GPU :slight_smile:

Does a GTX 660Ti support Vulkan?