Can’t run GPU Lightmass (4.26)

Hi there!
I can’t run GPU Lightmass on my GTX 1050. As I know, this videocard supports ray tracing. I have activated all the necessary settings, but the GPU Lightmas is not available.

  • Ray tracing,Virtual Texture support, and Virtual Texture Lightmaps is on
  • GPU Lightmass plugin is Enabled
  • All lights and meshes set to static
    What am I doing wrong?

Try unselect it on Post Process

Or check other options on this post:


Same issue. It was working one day and the next it no longer lets me build. I’ve tried deleting the engine config and re-enabling all the RHI/ray tracing settings but it keeps saying ray tracing isn’t enabled. I created a blank project and was able to get it to work which makes no sense. 4.26 is so bugged.

Hello Everyone,

Had the same Issue,

You Have to turn on “Virtual Texture Support” in project settings, it fixed mine.

Hey, trying to solve this issue as well. Have Nvidia GTX 1060.


-Turn on Raytracing

-Turn on virtual texture support

-add plugin GPU Lightmass

-Updating drives

-Restart project

-restart PC

-Fresh project

Trying to confirm if my card can work or not. Any help appreciated.