Can`t find Widget Blueprint class

Hello, everybody.
Trying to do this:

   static ConstructorHelpers::FClassFinder <UUserWidget> YourBlueprintName(TEXT("WidgetBlueprint'/Game/UMGWidgets/GameMenu.GameMenu'")); 
if (YourBlueprintName.Succeeded()) 	{ 		MyMenuWidget = YourBlueprintName.Class; 	}

and YourBlueprintName is always NULL, so it can`t find my Widget Blueprint. Can anybody tell why?

I think problem is in type declered in path WidgetBlueprint is UWidgetBlueprint which is asset type which inherence from UBlueprint not UUserWidget. Try removing WidgetBlueprint'and 'at the end of path, based on some example in source code this should work with path allone, or try UserWidget'/Game/UMGWidgets/GameMenu.GameMenu_C'

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Thank you very much. UserWidget'/Game/UMGWidgets/GameMenu.GameMenu_C' works.