Can Swarm take advantage of a cloud server for light renders?

hey hey!
I have access to cloud servers on which my website is hosted.
So I wonder if I can take advantage of the cloud power to accelerate light building?
It is Windows Server 2012 so that’s supposed not be any problems and I have had contact with the company that has servers are and for them it was no problem.

Is there anyone who has knowledge or experience of this?

The swarm, as of now, is only able to access swarm agents running on windows machines that are on your local network, which makes this hard.

That said; I have heard that Hamachi will let you use friend’s swarms on other networks by creating a virtual tunneling network proxy, but I have never tried it.(I have used Hamachi, just not with swarm)

so, in theory, if you can get swarm running on it, AND you can configure Hamachi to set it up to appear as a local machine yes… in Practice however NO.

It should work as long as your Cloud server is presented as being part of your local network (see EC2 cloud documentation on this).

I would be working on this myself but I can’t get SwarmAgent to function properly yet.

I use an cloud hosting company here in Sweden and I can choose between Windows and Linux of course. I have got the swarm to work on my local network between my small cluster and building PC and now I’m trying to use Windows server on the cloud and Hamachi to represent the cloud servers as local but somthing is not working properly. The coordinator find the cloud PC but the agent don’t use it only my local cluster :frowning: I will sit down and write my actual steps how I did mange to set up the cloud and and all of someone else need this to and maybe se what I have done wrong :slight_smile: but for now I have up to my throat with work:-)

How do I set up swarm to use cloud and server farms - Multiplayer & Networking - Epic Developer Community Forums Has another discussion on this. They also recommend EC2. If you have access to your own cloud hosting, any chance it would be usable for us in the US? :wink: My own computer is also insufficient for lighting a large open world…

Anyway, it seems like the answer is “Yes…so long as your cloud servers are seen as local on your network and are Windows boxes (Swarm is a C# application).”