Can structure variable be replicated in the network?

In my VR project,I want to replicate video playback time to the client. As we all know, UE4 uses the TimeSpan variable to save the video playback time. Well, it seems to me that the TimeSpan is a kind of structure variable. It is made up of “days” “hours” “minutes” “seconds” and “milliseconds”. But, when I replicated it as the same as other variables, such as integers and floats. It didn’t work!! So I have to break it apart into hours and minutes, and send the values one by one.
Can structure variable be replicated in the network?

Blueprint Timespan’s do not replicate I’m afraid - they are actually just a wrapper for the native FTimespan type, which is made up of a single uint64 which is a non-uproperty and therefore doesn’t replicate. Although the BP struct looks like it’s made up of multiple ints, it’s actually just a custom make/break function. As you can’t get the “ticks” value from a timespan in Blueprints, you’ll have to replicate the components separately.

Some advice however - you will not be able to control video playback on clients by replicating this variable anyway. Network latency/variation/packet loss will just result in a jittery video playback on the client in a real world situation.

It would be much better (and more efficient) to just send a reliable RPC to the client to tell it to start video playback locally.

Thank you very much!Your answer helps me a lot, and I will try the way you suggest!