Can SteamVR Input Bindings work with Oculus?

Hi everybody, I’m currently trying to unify our VR app that works with Vive and WMR to also work with Oculus (all under SteamVR Input), since SteamVR now supports all of them.

I have a problem though: as soon as SteamVR is launched with an Oculus Rift connected, Unreal Editor (and packaged version too) is behaving as if the SteamVR plugin didn’t exist - SteamVR doesn’t tell me frame times and the top bar in the editor doesn’t show the SteamVR input settings icon.

Also, when I go into “SteamVR->Devices->Controller Settings” binding settings for the Rift, I don’t see UnrealEditor app mentioned, which is there with WMR and Vive.

If I connect a WMR headset, the SteamVR input settings icon is there and I can rebind the bindings however I want and I see UnrealEditor in binding settings from “SteamVR->Devices->Controller Settings”

I solved it for now by explicitly binding UE actions to Oculus Touch buttons, but it would be nice to have the option to rebind bindings through SteamVR Input Bindings for Oculus too.

I’m on 4.24.2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Tommy.