Can static meshes cast shadow on box brushes?

I’m using box brushes as my floor and walls but my static meshes cast no shadows on the them and they look like …idk, they are levitating? Is there any chance that I can fix that?

PS. I changed the floor’s lightmap resolution many times, now it is 2048.

Hello Xylena,

i’m not sure about the “levitating”, but I would suggest that you double click on the mesh, and then check that under LOD 0, that “Cast Shadow” is checked.

I checked that a static mesh, will cast a shadow on a box brush, and it does.

Hope this helps,


I mean, the objects without shadows sometimes look like they are not touching the floor. And I know about that “Cast Shadows” option but it doesn’t work anyway :confused: That’s funny, but in other room where everything is the same (or maybe I think that it is the same) shadows appear in some places but in that particular room, there is none.

Then there may be a difference between 4.15 (what I checked) and 4.20 (what you are using), as shadows are cast by SM on a box brush, as well as, the Cast Shadow check box, does control the casting of the shadow. As I could alter the shadow, by clicking on the check box for the static mesh.

Hm, I should think about it tomorrow once again and maybe I will find out why it is like that. Maybe there is something wrong in the light’s options?

Anyway, thank you for your time :slight_smile: