Can somone show mercy and help me?

I need make simple shape fog I try make volume material but this fog little moving on edge, best way is depth fade but is empty inside for cry sake how make fog???

Try looking up tutorials on youtube. I doubt anyone in this forsaken land of the forum is going to provide the complete solution for fog.

I looking almost 2 days but only i find based volume material and voilumetric fog. I just need fog like worst looking game from 1998 xD This is ridiculous so hard make simple fog xD

so the goal is to get it looking like fog from a game made in 1998? that’d be playstation 1 or 2 graphics…

why not make a fog material with a low resolution (highly pixelated), and use Niagara to create an effect from it…?
if it has to be volumetric, I’m not sure, I have yet to learn volumetric fog in-depth or its basics other than a few things.

You not undarstand me this fog 1998, I mean material fog but not volumetric (God Rays etc.). You know what is depth fade function right? So I want that simple efect also inside cube thats it, simple statics fog. Anyway what is this “Niagara”

This is why I dont wanna use volume material, fog immediately increase volume when i move little camera so ground fog not look realistic

Ground fog can be created with the exponential height fog actor. But it’s probably limited in terms of effects like multiple layers, fog streaks, fog clouds, which is how a material(s) would be functional. So what’s the issue with creating a material?

You didnt help me at all, maybe give some link or some example

What are you trying to do? Exactly? You need to describe / explain it far better than “fog in a cube”.

I try make ground fog using big cube (volume material) adding to all map, but its doesnt look well becouse like I say its little moving when move camera (Temporal re-projection), so I made fog using depth fade function( surface opacity material) and adding this material on cube, but this fog its only on surface this cube right? I need fog like depth fade but also inside this cube or volume material without Temporal re-projection effect. Later I add some photo

I’m getting a better picture now. I’ll get back to the thread about it after a while.