Can someone please help me to replicate Bone Rotation on network?

Hi guys, (By advance, sorry if my english is not good as well ^^)

Previously i posted a question about networking and i’m really happy from all your answer in answerhub :slight_smile: I started the job and it was … a little tricky but i started to understand some things ^^

But to be honnest, a lot of part of my work was dedicated to resolve a problem than i encounter. At the end it’s drove me crazy and i said to my self than i’ll post here some “Please Help” ! ^^

Here is a video than i followed to add some bone rotation to my skeletal mesh followed by my mouse movement.

The code present in this video is pretty much the same than i have.

Assume than i have 2 player on my map Server and client, when the client have some rotate bone, the server see that. but from client to client, each other can’t see this rotation.

I really need to fix this and i tried a lot of things, and watched a lot of tuto without success… If a miracle genius see this thread, it would be awesome <3

Maybe someone can try to reproduce the code on the video than i posted and make it replicated on network ? I tried everything and i’m very disapointed right now …

Thanks a lot !

Please someone ?

Solved !
Thx to this post :