Can someone please guide me how I could make a zero G room or the character floating as in zero G?


I am new to UE4 and I’m trying to create an area where characters can float similar to zero gravity or learn how to make the character float as in zero G.
So far I’ve tried using Gravity Scale on both the Character and the World but I guess that’s not the correct way. At best, my character starts to float when jumping but it never stops going up for some reason.

I would appreciate if someone can point me to the right direction, perhaps there are some guidelines or even some video tutorials for this ?


Gravity value is in the project settings under Physics

Check out the flying template.

It’s not a gravity problem but a control input problem. If say 0 is floating how do you control positive and negative input to float up and down?

Isn’t that how zero gravity is supposed to work? There’s nothing to slow you down, so a body in motion will stay in motion. That’s why astronauts use tethers when doing spacewalks… because once they start to drift away, nothing would stop them from continuing to drift away.

Guys he probably means the animation.

Assuming that and that its 3rd person character you are working with.

Yea he won’t stop.
the character stops by default when the built in modules flag him as walking. Which he can’t be. You would have to change the logic and create a floating state, as well as some wierd movement for moving around.

Check out NASA’s IIS videos for some examples of how astronauts move in space to replicate the states.

also, astronauts train in a swimming pool to simulate space, so you could check movement in those training videos as well if you can find any.

Also, take the 2 required minutes to implement Qaternions or your actor will be gymbal locked and not very natural for space…

Thanks for the answers guys. I forgot to specify that I was working on a First Person template.

I want to try and make a FP floating guy (similar to zero G) who uses a gun that can push in order to propel himself and move around.

I was thinking that gun can be used as a tool to move around basically whether there is an object/player to push (in order to gain momentum) or not (open space).

Can anyone point me towards some useful BPs or videos for start ? Much appreciated :slight_smile:

I can point you towards the best space gameplay I have experienced… Prey (the new one, though the old one was also pretty much great).

Zero gravity movement will be easier if you replace character movement with floating pawn movement. But then if you ever have to stand again, you’ll be coding in custom standing logic. The benefit here is you can ignore the -Z gravity direction and program your own gravity for any direction. Forewarning, there will be a lot of vector-math involved for clean movement.

I created a reference to the objects in the Level Blueprint off of Multi-Sequence from the Event BeginPlay and connected it to SET ENABLE GRAVITY node with gravity enable unchecked.

Thats what I was attempting to do when I found your post and I think this is what you might mean. Worked for me and it’s pretty cool. (Just like simulate with no gravity in the physics area of a character mesh)

if anyone is still interested in this
I have converted ikokun’s zero g template to UE5
If you can help me flip one of the hands over, I have everything else working inUE5 from his 4.25 template
thrusters, brake, zero g, inertial motion
but I had to fix some errors in the way the hand was set
I have both hands working fine but I am not a pro and I am trying to flip the right
the left and right are both on the left
and I really don’t know …
its over here

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