Can someone please clarify Decals in Forward once and for all?

Sorry if this is a double post, for some reason it wasn’t showing up in the thread.


I know Decals work as expected in Defered rendering mode as shown below.


But in forward rendering mode they don’t work as expected.


I can’t get Stain or modulate modes working among other things. The Doc says those Dbuffer decals are supported in forward (except they don’t get MSAA) yet no matter where i looked I still couldn’t get them working except for the emissive.

I only need the modulate mode to work in forward, for things like craters and explosions and faking shadows. I am hoping to avoid putting these as textures on planes and spawning them with modulate shaders, I would rather have proper decals for them.

I’ve looked everywhere online for hours and people seem to have more questions than answers. I even posted related questions here with no feedback some while back.

Can someone out there please explain to us what features are working and what aren’t when it comes to Decals and forward rendering?

Sorry to Bump this, but I still can’t find answers. Any one out there with advice or pointers?

Edit: I should clarify that while Dbuffer Decals do work in Forward shading they are severely limiting since they do not seem to provide “modulate mode” this makes applying darkening or multiplied textures over bright or unlit or even self missive objects impossible with Decals.

So i’m not sure what the way around this is other than creating a plane as mentioned above.