Can someone make a small tutorial on How to add a new Crafting Structure


as part of my mod i need some help i want to have a new crafting structure so something like the smithy or fabricator however it will have a custom model and name given by me i want it to work in the same way as fabricator in the fact that it will need fuel to run.

if anyone know how to do this please let me know :slight_smile:

I believe this may help you out.

Thanks Kohii

No problemo man Im new to all of this so Im learning what I can from where I can and figured its easier to help someone find something than to let them find it if they cant you know teach a man to fish lol.

Would you like to work with me on my project ?

Ill have to get back with you on that but im always willing to help when I can am currently working on a huge map XD

wow well ill explain what my idea is in a summary

Most people are creating maps for the contest so i want to do something different i want to add a feature lots of people want, the ability to make a car and drive around your ark world there will be a custom workbench called The Car Factory that makes the cars like the fabricator it will run on a fuel in the new workbench you can make different parts of the car such as the engine body seats gearbox brakes light etc , once you unlock the engrams and craft all of these parts , each part takes around 2-5 mins to craft once done you can make the actual car to make this you need all of the parts crafted and the engram for it to build up a player suspense i want the car to take 1 full in game day to craft once done you will receive a bunch of exp and so you place your car down and get inside to start driving you use WASD or Arrow Keys and move around i want the car to have suspension and stuff so when you go over bumps the car moves smoothly or if you drive off a cliff it takes Visual Damage on collision with ground it will take me long to make this mod but i have 2 months to do it

so i need help making it :slight_smile:

You could set up the refinery to do this. Follow that structure tutorial and use the Forge as your template that you copy and paste instead of the standing torch. Then, once you have your new model in game you will have a ‘new’ crafting station that you can put materials into and it will create whatever items you want. You just need to go through the forge files and see where it shows what items go in and what items come out. You could then create a new inventory item called Alternator that is just an icon of the part that does nothing when used. So your recipe list could be 5 unrefined metal, two oil and two electronics produces the Alternator and maybe 40 refined metal, ten oil and whatever will produce a Motor inventory item. Then have a recipe that takes all of your premade inventory items as a recipe that produces a car inventory item. Then have that car inventory item spawn your vehicle like building a wall or you could use this to have any event you want spawn the item. I saw an interesting tutorial, (can’t find the link), where a guy spawned a a new ‘dino’ that used an offroad vehicle as the skin. Definitely seems doable if you have the time.